Domestic Violence – Abuse

Domestic Violence is a very serious issue and should always be treated as such. Living with a dangerous, unstable spouse or significant other can be terrifying, especially for any children involved. Many victims find themselves trapped and scared to reach out for help. It may even seem impossible at times.

Domestic violence victims need to take action to protect themselves and their children. Other firms may brush over domestic violence or not treat is as seriously as the situation warrants.

Domestic abuse includes much more than just physical violence. While physical violence is the most serious and prominent form of domestic abuse between spouses or significant others, psychological abuse can be just as damaging if carried out consistently over a period of time. Psychological Abuse may include:

  • Exploitation,
  • Harassment,
  • Intimidation,
  • Interference with personal liberty,
  • Willful deprivation, or
  • Stalking

A spouse or partner who threatens you, pervasively insults you, violates your privacy or exercises excessive control over you is guilty of committing psychological abuse. If you are the victim of such abuse, it is important you know your rights, trust in the legal system, and obtain seek an Order of Protection under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act. In extreme circumstances, you may need to pursue an extended or permanent order to ensure your safety.

We understand the significance and imminent danger of these circumstances and are here to help you. Fortunately, Illinois law gives you the means to remove yourself from an abusive marriage or relationship, obtain physical and legal protection and solidify your custody rights over your children.

The Law Offices of John A. Conniff advocates for clients in family court proceedings to obtain Orders of Protection for you and your children.